Wind Borne Debris Region

It’s not always the wind that shatters windows, but what the wind picks up and throws at them.

That’s what impact windows are designed to stop, and why you need them.

Impact Windows Green Energy

Once a home has been breached by high winds, the swirling pressure builds and can cause unbelievable interior damage. It can be so dangerous it might even rip a roof clean off in short order.

Let’s try to avoid that, shall we?


Elegant Looking Impact Windows

Impact windows don’t just prevent ferocious winds, debris and tree branches from crashing into your home.

They’re beautiful, too.

Designed to give you ventilation when you need it, and solid protection when it’s necessary. Not only can’t Mother Nature penetrate your home, these windows shoo-off would be burglars too. A double dose of protection your family deserves.


Green Energy Impact Windows

It’s widely known that impact windows provide energy efficiency and improved insulation. Along with better insulation, they keep the UV rays out which protects furniture, floors, window treatments and wall paint from fading in harsh sunlight.

Here’s the efficiency part: By keeping outdoor temperatures outdoors, you’ll maintain your desired indoor temperature longer. As a beneficial result, your air conditioning and heating systems can relax and work less – saving energy and reducing your bills.

Windows are responsible for 10% to as much as 25% of your electric bills, allowing heat to escape in the winter and heat from the sun to penetrate during summer.

Impact windows are different. They reduce this energy loss, and your bills by as much as 40%.

Here’s why you receive savings from impact windows’ scientific construction:

  • Heat reducing glass tints reflect sun rays.
  • Low-E microscopically thin glass coatings
  • Specialty framing materials
  • Laminated insulating glass that prevents breakage
  • Double or triple panes with warm-edge spacers in between the sheets


Adding impact windows isn’t just a protective functional update to your home. In fact, resale properties with installed impact windows carry a higher value, and their presence appeals to prospective purchasers because they know you care about your property.

It’s another embracing reason to protect your investment with impact windows from
Green Energy Solutions.


Our goal is to do our job so well from start to finish that we’ll never have to see you again. That sounds awful, doesn’t it? But we mean it – in a good way.

This is why our staff and installation teams go through rigorous training and are fully licensed and insured for the work we perform.

Green Energy Impact Windows

Sure, we have warranties on all of our products and a 100% guarantee on installation workmanship, but these are lonely documents, hardly ever used.

And don’t worry, we bring our own lunches, stay out of your way, and clean up every day before we go home. You won’t find any loose nails in the driveway either, we promise.