Green Energy Solution Roofing Installation


Green Roofing

Look, we’re cool people, and we want you to be cool too. That’s why we only recommend good-looking roofing materials with proven insulating properties so you won’t need to crank up your air conditioner so often.

There are myriad roofing choices on the market today, like thermoset and thermoplastic single ply’s, tiles, pavers, rubber blends, and tar shingles. It can get confusing if you’re not a “Roofie” like us. We’re truly knowledgeable specialists that recommend the most efficient options for your needs, always within your budget.

Some sneaky non-professional types will try to sell you a product only because they earn a higher commission from the manufacturer, not because it’s right for you. We don’t do that. Ever!

We analyze your entire home in a scientific manner. Wind directions, sun exposure, neighborhood influences, architectural design, roof pitch, bearing loads, current insulation, etc..

Only then do we recommend a roofing solution perfect for your home with a fast payback by way of demonstrably lower monthly utility bills.

After all, you want to add maximum value to your home, aesthetic beauty, and monster returns on your investment. The right roofing system will accomplish all of that. Plus, you’ll feel cool.


Our goal is to do our job so well from start to finish that we’ll never have to see you again. That sounds awful, doesn’t it? But we mean it – in a good way.

This is why our staff and installation teams go through rigorous training and are fully licensed and insured for the work we perform.

Green Energy Impact Windows

Sure, we have warranties on all of our products and a 100% guarantee on installation workmanship, but these are lonely documents, hardly ever used.

And don’t worry, we bring our own lunches, stay out of your way, and clean up every day before we go home. You won’t find any loose nails in the driveway either, we promise.